Friday, December 30, 2011

This is for you, Dan!!!

A couple of days ago Joe was talking to his brother, Dan on the phone. Since they live far away, we rarely get to see them and apparently he likes to check the blog to see what's been going on. Dan mentioned that I'd been slacking on the blog (teasing of course) ...but he is so right! There are lots of reasons/excuses that I can use (tired, sick, PREGNANT, busy, etc) But, I still want to fix it! So, I've been working on getting caught up. I just figured out how to back date the posts that I'm working on so that they actually show up in the order the pictures were taken. So, there are "new" posts showing up as far back as August :-) Why, you may ask, would I bother to post pictures with the dates that far back when no one will take the time or even know to go back and look at them??? Well, that's because the main reason for this blog is our Family Yearbooks. I compile all of the pictures and posts from the past year and then have them printed in book format. (A link to the 2010 book is at the bottom of the blog)We have three years so far, 2011 will be number four. I love the books that we've made so far and have a lot of catch up for this book to be here it goes!

Thanks, Dan, for the reminder!

Oh, and yes, for anyone who may still read this blog and didn't already know, we are expecting a baby at the end of May. So far, no major problems, just lots of reminders of how difficult pregnancies are for me. But, the baby is healthy and growing. We go in for the "official" ultrasound in a couple weeks to confirm the gender. We've had several ultrasounds so far...but they have been a little too soon so give a definitive answer...but we think that we know what it is. Stay tuned for an update!


Suze said...

Congratulation on the pregnancy...Hope it goes smoothly!

Jolee B. said...

Congratulations! You make cute kids, so keep 'em coming! ;) Loved all the updates... I haven't looked in a while.

tiaolou004 said...
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