Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Big Day!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas at our house. We never end up with as many pictures as we should, but at least we have a few...and lots of video! Here's a quick look...

Christmas Eve PJ's
This a tradition that we do with the kids, but Joe surprised me this year and had some for me as well! 

The rest of the pictures are Christmas morning...

This kitchen set was from G&G Lodge and she LOVES it!

We gave her this princess doll and dress-up set. She had to put the dress on immediately, right on top of her PJ's! 

Sam is checking out the new Hero Factory set, probably making sure it was the one that he'd requested :-)

Andrew opening a new game...not quite sure what to think about it!

Since we have 9:00 church, we had to take a break from the presents to get ready for church. Luckily, we only had a one hour service and then we came right home to dig in some more!

Sam had been wanting an Etch-a-sketch for a long time, he was really excited!

Andrew with his new Rocky from G&G Lodge...that's his excited face :-)

Sam was showing Abby the Finn McMissile car that he got from G&G Lodge

 Abby and her new doll. She has a ton of baby dolls, but she still gets just as excited about a new one. She even rotates through her babies to make sure they all get enough love and attention. What a good little mommy!

Grandma and Grandpa Olson came to church with us and sat with the kids since Joe and I were in the choir. After we came home and finished opening presents, we ate brunch with them then they hurried off to their ward. Later, we went to their house and had dinner and opened the rest of the family presents. It was a great day. A good mixture of family, presents, and naps! But, we did really miss Rob and his family who just moved to Arkansas. :-(  Family gatherings just aren't the same without all the cousins to play with!

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