Thursday, May 26, 2011

Andrew Funnies

Andrew is at such a funny age, he's always saying to funniest and most random things! Sometimes, I have no idea where he picks things...and other times I know exactly where they came from (unfortunately....) Well, here are a couple of my recent favorites:

During church, we were in sitting in front of a woman who I'd never met (later, came to find out she is an investigator and it was one of her first weeks at church...). She told us this story after the meeting, I didn't actually hear it, but I can totally imagine it! She had a cane with a sculpted, marble-looking top that was leaning against our bench. Andrew was examining it very curiously, so she leaned forward and told him what it was. She said, "It's my cane, it helps me walk." He thought really hard about that for a minute and then seemed to figure things out, he said, "Oh, is that because you are old and weak?" She laughed very hard, thought it was the cutest thing. We've sat behind/in front of her every week since then and she always makes a point to say hi to Andrew.

The other day Andrew was helping me sort laundry. We got into a discussion about super heroes and who are the good guys, who work together (Batman does NOT work with Spiderman!) and what EVERY characters name is. I am NOT an expert on super heroes, I answered what I could be I had to defer to "ask your daddy when he gets home" several times when I didn't know the answers.

After a while, he seemed to give up on me. "Mommy, you just don't know as much as Daddy."

I gladly agreed.

He thought about for a minute and then came to a conclusion. "That's because your head is not very big. Daddy has a REALLY BIG HEAD (holding his hands out as far as he could reach them) so he knows lots of stuff. I have a kind of big head, so I know kind of a lot of stuff, but your head is just little tiny (said in a little squeaky voice) so you don't know as much." He put his head right next to mine and compared our head sizes with his hands, as if to prove his point. It was really funny!

Okay, just a few quick favorite sayings...

"I wuv Woo Woo!" (translated as I love Lou Lou, that's Abby's nickname!)

(With his hand on his head and shaking his head at me) "Honestly, Mom!"

Okay, that's all that comes to mind right now, I'll have to add more as I remember them!


Melanie said...

he he he...Classic.

He is one funny kid.

Reid Family said...

so precious! I love it!