Friday, May 6, 2011

School Carnival

I am playing catch up with all of the pictures and events for the past few months, in case you couldn't tell! This was back in the beginning of May, Sam's school had a carnival complete with lots of bouncy toys and games. The weather was very questionable, threatening rain, so Abby and I opted to have a girls night and Joe took the boys to the carnival. I sprinkled a little, but turned out to be okay and they had a great time!

Sam decorated this cake to enter into the contest (and to get free carnival tickets!) He was pretty proud of it! Here are few random shots of the bouncy toys, Andrew may be a little small, but it certainly didn't hold him back!

Joe said that the jousting was the funniest part of the whole night. As you can see, Andrew had a hard time just holding on to the big stick, let alone swinging it to knock Sam off. I guess that he learned pretty fast that falling off was the fun part and just started diving off the platform whenever Sam swung at him. Sam looks a little bored with the whole thing! Funny boys!

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