Sunday, May 29, 2011

This and that...

These are just some cute and random pictures that I thought I'd throw in. Of course I'm still playing catch up, so these were taken back in May, but for the purposes of my family blog books, I thought that I would include them. Here's a look of what the kids have been up to:

The boys LOVE playing with legos. Sam got some sets of the regular legos for his birthday, but they still love these. We haven't "graduated" them from the duplos yet, I suppose its time...Abby is a bit obsessed with winter wear. She can get into the box where is it stored and is always wandering around the house in various hats and gloves. This reminds me of some cartoon character, although I can't remember who....anyone else know?

Sam has not had much interest in learning to use his new golf clubs, but Andrew was willing to give it a try...for about five minutes. Poor Joe, he just wants to share his love of the sport with his boys!

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