Thursday, May 19, 2011


Abby loves her accessories. Hair pretties, sunglasses, necklaces, hats, you name it...she loves it! She will find about anything around the house to be pretty, this day she wore this around all afternoon. It was very cute!

Pretty girl!!!

(It's a Wii nunchuck, in case you can't tell!)

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Jolee B. said...

Ok, random comment, but is that a black baby doll? If so, that makes me super happy! :) My parents/siblings used to always buy me black dolls and barbies, and people at stores would always ask if I was adopted, assuming I was black and that was the only reason to have a black doll. It frustrated my family, especially me, when I was older, because I thought that was the stupidest thing ever! Anyway, your little girl is super cute! :)