Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Real Deal!

Here are some pictures from Sam's actual birthday. It was a very long and busy day, jam-packed with fun things for the birthday boy. We started off the morning by letting him open two presents from Mom and Dad.

These, of course, were selected especially by daddy...his first real golf clubs! It just so happened that the Kindergarteners were having lunch at school that day to "practice" for first grade. We went and joined them for lunch and brought balloons and brownies. Sam wanted to bring his lunch from home, but Andrew ended up eating school lunch when he saw that it was chicken nuggets! That afternoon we had 10 of Sam's friends (plus a few younger siblings and moms) from school and church over for a party. It was a LOT of kids! The weather was threatening rain, but with that many kids running around, we headed outside anyway! We played red rover, red light green light and then just let them run and play on the trampoline. Once they had gotten some energy out, we headed inside for cake and presents. Here's a shot of some of the kids. I forgot in all the craziness to get a shot of everyone at the party, these photos are as close as we got!The cake was an "Ice cream oreo cake." The middle layer is vanilla ice cream, with oreos crumbled on top. Very simple...and very yummy!

Then it was time for presents! This picture is with one his best buddies from school, Tess.

After that fun party, we had about an hour to recover before the evening events. We had an early dinner (grilled cheese sandwiches with "spaghetti soup" AKA tomato soup) then Sam and Daddy headed off to play laser tag. Sam got to invite one friend and he choose Jared. So, Sam, Jared and the dads went to LaserQuest. They had a blast (once they got over the dark maze, black lights and loud music) and came home with lots of exciting things to tell about the evening. Sam was EXHAUSTED...and so were Mom and Dad! It was a great birthday.

Happy Birthday to my big six year old. I can't believe how fast he's grown!

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