Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Practice

The other day we were all out in the backyard. I was doing yardwork and the kids were playing. After a little while, I noticed Sam was going down the slide with Abby in his lap. She normally just goes down by herself on her tummy, but was having a blast going down with her big brother. Sam noticed me watching and came over and said, "Mom, did you see that? Daddy just used to go on the slide with me when I was little, now I can do it with Abby. I'm just practicing for when I'm a daddy!" Then he gave a little matter-of-fact nod and ran off to play some more.

He really is great with his baby sister, it's very cute to watch how much they adore eachother. A few minutes later. I saw them sitting together watching Andrew play in "the wilderness" (a huge overgrown grove of lilac trees at the back of our yard). I tried to sneek up and get a picture from behind without them noticing, but I failed...still a cute picture, though!

And here's Andrew as he emerged from the wilderness...

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Melanie said...

That is adorable. What a sweet boy.