Saturday, May 21, 2011

Parade Time!!

Still playing catch up...this was back in May!

Once again, we braved the crowds (and this year, the weather!) to go to the Lilac parade this year. We had such a great time last year, we decided to go again. We actually ended up sitting in the exact same spot and meeting up with the same was lots of fun!

Andrew was ready to go! Only about two hours until showtime...

Me and Sam!

Just hangin' out...killin' time!

It was a little colder than we expected, we were already bundled up with everything we brought to keep warm...before the sun had even gone down!

Me and Breanna, she's the one who got us hooked on the parades!

Megan was cute with Abby all night, eventually Abby warmed up to her!My boys!

Abby was a good sport, but she was so tired! This was towards the end, she just gave up, laid down and tried to get some rest!

"Excuse me, I'm trying to sleep!"

It was another fun (and late!) night. Just like last year, the boys LOVED the marching bands. Sam was especially smitten with all of the princesses who were waiving...just at him! It was fun to visit and just enjoy the festivities. We stayed until the very end...and the weather held out for us. We felt the first raindrops as we got to our van, perfect timing!

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